As you already know Restore Concept deals with both the physical and spiritual. The physical aspect deals with the human health or body.

The health of mankind is very important to God, therefore when God created man He stipulated clearly what man should feed on. It is because the formula for man’s creation is programmed on alkaline and acid structure and for that matter, man is supposed to feed on more alkaline, because the body has its own way of getting acid, but the human body must not necessarily take in acid products because it will over acidify the body system and that will develop into excess acid which will develop into acidosis and research confirms that over 80% of our diseases are caused by more than normal acid intake in to the body, that is how scientists developed pH levels which means the power of hydrogen ions. 

Therefore in order to stay healthy it is very necessary to feed on very alkaline foods which are organic natural foods, seeds, vegetables etc. This will continue to maintain the alkalinity structure of the body, eventually maintaining a better health. 

In other words acidity is when we feed the body with things that would generate acid in the body such as processed foods, bottled drinks, canned foods and over cooked food as well as orthodox chemical drugs.

The intake of all these will end up producing acid in the body system so it is very very necessary that our daily intake of food should be more alkaline than acid, or simply avoid acid feeding. 

Some of the acid problems are arthritis, gout, gall bladder stones, kidney stones etc. all these are acidity causing problems that is why you need to take charge of your own health which we of Restore will help you do if you stay in touch with us.