Indeed the misconception and misunderstanding of what jesus preached and did not preach is the gain or loss to either God or the devil. To God, if we fail to know what exactly he sent Jesus to preach then its complete loss and to the devil our not knowing what Jesus actually preached is a big gain to the devil. Therefore what the devil is expert in doing is to pre-occupy human beings into doing good worksbut not right works.

Therefore the good job he has done is to let theologians scribes religious leaders experts of the lord to ttally and completely deviate  from the message jesus preached. Simply what actually Jesus preached and taught was nothing but the kingdom of God. Infact the strategically twist the devil succeeded in doing has been to make it difficult for this experts to differentiate from what Jesus actually preached and taught to things he mentioned in his days.

And has finally succeeded in occupying the experts, religious leaders, and all the preachers of religion to be preaching things such as in the area of religious Christians  such as the cross,the blood, the crucifixion, his death, miracles, prosperity and his resurrection. But the saddest thing is let us notice that all this are the means to the ultimate which the devil has succeeded in blinding us not to see or know and that is the kingdom of God.

There is only one simple gospel and that is the gospel of the kingdom of God. The word gospel simply means good news and the good news is not what has been mentioned but rather it  is the kingdom of God which is what man lost in the beginning. And it is a goodnews because what man lost has been brought back to you. The devil succeeded in blinding us in religion and instead of preaching the ultimate which is the kingdom we are busy preaching the means which will take us nowhere.

Infact with all due respect common sense  will even tell us that for Jesus Christ himself  to state that seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness.(Matthew 6:33). This clearly means that the priority of heaven, God and Jesus Christ is the kingdom and nothing else. The priority here stated means  it is not himself Jesus to be sorted but the kingdom. So the simple question is why will be preaching non syllabus or nonsense whereas what we should preach that Jesus himself preached and even demanded us to seek which is the kingdom. 

Its simple because somone has an interest and that is the devil and his religious investors. Infact for your information religion is a big business and any thing against it will be attacked and we of restore concept know that very well but for the sake of the common man who makeup the followers of religion we are ready for their attack. So beloved you who is a religious member of a church is you who is the centre of focus because the Lord has said already that the religious leaders are not interested in the kingdom but they block you who is interested not to enter or get it.(Matthew 23 :13).

Even when the Lord sent his disciples to preach he instructed them specifically not to preach him or the miracles he did but to preach the kingdom of God being at hand(Matthew 10:7). Eventually, when Christ resurrected to our shock he preached the kingdom not his death, blood or resurrection.(Acts 1 :2-3). Lastly, in fact without the concept of the kingdom no one can make it. May the Lord give you understanding.



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