This is the commonest evangelistic statement one can simply hear from religious Christians especially Pentecostal and charismatic Christians. In fact we of restore concept are very sorry by the way we disrupt and displace you theological   and doctrinal beliefs. But we have to do that because we are concerned about your salvation as a human being. Also there are a lot of God’s people who know that what we are saying is the truth but they lack the courage and boldness to come out but we do for your benefits.

SO please with all due respect bear with us for your own good. In the time of zealousness of the early religious Christians especially the Pentecostal and charismatic Christians  was when this phrase accept Christ as your lord and personal savior emanated though it sounds very useful to people who are lost in relationship to the person of Christ  but it’s a dangerous statement because it will let anybody who has done so qualify to be in the category of those finally Christ will say I don’t know  you (Matthew 7 :21-23)

And this group of people are the ones we call religious Christians. According to the purpose and mission of Christ on earth one can clearly see that Jesus can never say to anyone to accept him and that is what we have discovered which is very factual and true. Because if he says anyone should accept him it will result into that person arriving at a wrong destination which is Jesus whereas every body’s destination must be the kingdom and Jesus as the door.

 That is why it is confirmed by himself when he encountered his first disciples namely Peter and Andrew. He simply told them follow me because he knows that he is supposed to take them to a destination which is the kingdom. (Matthew 4:18-19). Notice that the only way he could make them fishers of men which he wants them to be is for him to tell them to follow him and not accept him. Because if he makes the mistake and ask them to accept him they will simply accept him as their lord and personal savior and continue their business as fishermen and not fishers of men.

Therefore the phrase follow me is what resulted in them straightforward leaving their nets, ship and their father and followed him. (Matthew 4:20-22). The danger of accept me is what will make people stuck at Jesus as the door and they will never know that Jesus’s purpose is a key which means access to something and that is the kingdom. Please take your time and read carefully with a free mind and not a religiously conditioned otherwise you will not understand it. But Jesus himself said understanding is very prime.

Now the accept Jesus phrase has resulted in over 2billion Christians all over the world being stuck with Jesus as the door where as they are supposed to follow him meaning pass through me into the room which is the kingdom. Of course if Jesus is the door, and a door without a room will be a useless door because doors are only useful due to their function as access to a room. No wonder the Lord himself said I am the door by me if any shall enter in he/she will be saved and move in and out for pasture.(John 10:9).

So from this statement of the Lord it is clear that to be saved can only happen when you enter but not when you are stuck at the door meaning you have accepted Jesus as your personal savior. And the entering is the only way you can have pasture. Pasture here means every problem of human life solved and provisions granted. But the question is are Christians being able to solve all their problems and the answer is of course no, If only we will be truthful to ourselves and it confirms that we have not yet entered.

Why? Because we are relying on the doctrine accept Jesus as your personal savior instead of following him as he himself said which is the truth as discussed above. Beloved you have been informed the will be no excuse on that day if anyone remains ignorant. May the Lord give you understanding.



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