The greatest thing that can ever happen in this world and all people is the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Even though his coming was pre-informed by all the prominent prophets of God that ever came in this world. Officially the roman government that controlled the whole world was the one privilege to have the coming of Christ under their jurisdiction. Apart from the spiritual and religious records that have been kept historically, it is the roman government system who also have records concerning the coming of Christ.

So when it comes to evidence of what our research findings are there is abundance that can be cross-checked. Yes the coming of Christ to this world is the greatest and most important thing God can ever do for mankind. But the most saddest and unbelievable loss to this world and all mankind is the misconception and misunderstanding of the purpose and mission of Christ and his coming. This erroneous thing is as a result of what the heading of our press release speaks about.

Of course if you do not know the idea of something, you will definitely have a whole misconception about it. The idea of God and Heaven concerning the sending of Christ has been misunderstood so that has led to a total and a complete misconception of the mission and purpose of his coming. We know that all religious Christians in this world will be in shock of the statement we have made above that Jesus never preached himself. But surprisingly the statement is accurate after our research findings. 

First of all, if Jesus has to preach himself he will also forfeit the purpose of Heaven. Secondly, if he was to preach himself then the was no need of Heaven sending him. Therefore the question is what did he preach and why was he sent to the earth for. The answer can simply be found in the big picture of God’s intention which he had before he created the earth and that intention is God is a king and as a king with the normal character of kings where they always desire to extend their kingdoms. 

Therefore was the creation of planet earth to fulfill the extension desire of God as a king in the unseen world. But fortunately the extended territory of the unseen kingdom of God happen to be a seen territory called the earth. Therefore God will need seen kings to rule this extended territory for him and this resulted in the creation of mankind who is a seen person. But unfortunately when God handed over the seen territory which is earth to mankind. Man lost this territory into the hands of an intruder and since the influence given to man was to be in charge of extended kingdom territory, it is called kingdom. The territory is also known as domain. Therefore if it is a man over a territory then it is a man over a domain. And being an extended kingdom then man is also a king.

So the word king + domain = king domain = kingdom. But God refused to allow man to remain a lost king so after 4000 years since his creation God located a suitable time which is the roman kingdom era and he decided to send Jesus simply to bring back what man has lost to him. And this era that God brought what man lost was the best era in the 4000years loss of kinship life and that is the roman kingdom era because the romans way of kingdom was similar to what God intended for man.

Therefore the first statement Jesus made when he encountered the general public for the first time over 2000 years ago was simply repent for the kingdom of God is at hand or has arrived or is here which simply means change your  mind  for I have brought what you lost which God gave to you in the beginning(Matthew 4:17).

Notice that the word repent does not mean confess your sins as religion has wrongly taught people but rather means change your mind from the Greek and Hebrew root word source and also when Jesus gathered his first disciples and he sent them to preach he instructed them specifically what to preach by saying when you go preach this message or preach saying the kingdom of God is at hand (Matthew 10:7).

And in order to stress more on what he preached he told everyone to seek first the kingdom of God. (Matthew 6:33). The word first in here means give priority to the kingdom first and not him but however if you give priority to the kingdom by seeking it then you can access via him as the door .That means that everyone that is a true disciple of Christ if you have to preach you are requested and commanded by Heaven to first preach the kingdom then when people have understood it and are interested in it, then you offer them the key to enable them get access into it where the key is Christ or Jesus.

But preaching Christ first is a misconception and misunderstanding generated by religion which is not of God. For further information kindly contact us.                           




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