We know that this is a controversial issue and can be thought provoking, at the same time it is shocking to hear and we will not be surprised that we will be labelled with demonized titles for making such controversial statements. But every criticism against us will not worry us, but we are worried about you and the state of your belief and the consequences at the end of life.

Be informed that every statement we make we shall be held responsible by Heaven, so we know that very well. In other words, if we also know this truth and fail to tell the general public, the same Heaven will hold us accountable for knowing the truth and not telling the truth. (Ezekiel 3:18).

We have discovered in our research findings that, Jesus Christ never brought religion and has nothing to do with religion. In fact, religion is an enemy to Him. Therefore, every religious activity going on in the world is off course and cannot take anyone to God. Religion is a misconception of Heaven and God’s agenda and every misconception leads people to the wrong theology and that eventually lands people in the wrong belief system and this is the cause of wrong doctrine.

That is why Christ, God’s only messenger, stated that, “on that day many shall say Lord, Lord …” and He shall respond, “go away, I do not know you” and these are all religious people (Matthew 7:21-23). In the first place religion was in existence thousands of years before the arrival of Jesus Christ and when He arrived, in His first public statement He said, “Repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand”. (Matthew 4:17). The word “Repent” does not mean “confess your sins”, as religion has made people to believe but rather it means “change your mind” in other words “change your thinking” or “the way you have been conditioned to think” meaning human beings have been conditioned to think religiously. This is the truth and the facts are as a result of our research from the Greek and Hebrew root words of the translation.

So beloved it is for your own good that we are making this difficult and controversial exposure.

We rather discovered that the religious leaders in the days of Christ, were in enemy ship with Christ and that is a very strong confirmation that they don’t have anything in common but are rather parallel to each other. It was the religious people that planned the crucifixion of Christ even though He had a mission that included dying and by His own statement, He said, “you religious leaders, you are hypocrites and even though you have the keys of knowledge to the Kingdom, you are not interested in entering the kingdom” and the worst of all “you block those who are interested in entering the Kingdom”. (Matthew 23:13, Luke 11:52).

Our interest is you, the ordinary follower of religion called Christian and other religious beliefs, after all the Lord has confirmed the lack of interest of the religious leaders in entering the Kingdom. But you the common member who is ignorant about this information is our concern because the Lord said you have been blocked by the religious leaders. Notice that religion is a big business and anything against it shall be attacked just as Christ was attacked, but we all need the truth because it’s the only the truth that can make all of us free.




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