The kind of food one eats will determine how healthy and how long you will live. City life and modernization has altered our eating of late. As Africans we were earlier on blessed with eating very good food but city life and modernization has influenced completely and totally our eating today.

City life and modernization has made us think that as educated people, in the morning must take tea beverages instead of our original African breakfast which is porridge from millet or porridge from corn. The tea beverages we take which includes the sugar and milk contains harmful products which rather destroy our health than to contribute to the upkeep of our health.

Majority of the tea beverages, contain caffeine which is never good for our health not to talk about the sugar which is refined sugar or white sugar that will increase our acidity content in our body then the milk which is a dairy product which is animal protein. This contributes to male prostate gland enlargement because research has confirmed that animal proteins contributes to men’s prostate gland enlargement.
If your situation conditions you and it is tea beverage you must take the n let’s advice you with an alternative, green tea, pure honey then almond or soya milk. Green tea is a very good tea which resolves a lot of health problems then pure honey also is medicinal, then almond or soya milk are plant proteins .

Therefore if this you situation demand taking tea beverage then this is the best you can take. It is always difficult to obtain these products especially the original ones but you can order some from us to be on the safer side. If you must take break then take pure brown bread which is also from wheat grain without margarine.

If you need a bread spread then get groundnut paste from the market or we can obtain some for you then you will have a wonderful bread spread.
Breakfast is the most important meal amongst the three meals we have a day so your breakfast is very very precious to your health you can always contact us on your health advice.



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