Ideas are innermost creative acts in all humans originated from God, the creator and all knowing. That means all we see the skies, stars, moon, sun, animals and all natural resources. So everything we see as nature was first an idea in the Creator’s mind therefore, we human beings, before we were created were all ideas. Therefore the shoes you wear, the shirt, earrings, rings etc. are all ideas in someone’s mind before they became manifest. Therefore the airplane, the car and the ship were all ideas of people but today are beneficial to the human race.

 The source of every idea in the case of the whole creation is God. And the source of what we use, see and have around us is as a result of humans. Off course showing a derived nature from God. And this confirms the scripture in Genesis 1:26 which says let us create man in our own image.

Therefore the purpose of every idea solely depends on the source where purpose means the reason, function, will and intention. In effect, if you want to know why any of this creation is in existence then you contact the source which is God. And doing that takes us to His divine manual which religious people call Bible. So also if you want to know the purpose of anything that someone has created you contact the source and that is why every product has a label written “made in” or “made by”.

Ideas are where we build concepts from. Where the concepts involves the idea, including the purpose which manifested into reality as a product. Therefore when your concepts about anything is wrong your conclusions will definitely be wrong. When your conclusions are wrong then the theory, theology, document, doctrine, thesis etc. will all be wrong. All these mentioned above, are where all humans build their belief system from and from their belief system, faith is established in humans.

If the source of the belief system is wrong off course the faith established in humans will be false or wrong faith. And all these are a result of misunderstanding or misconception of the whole idea from the beginning. That is why the wisest man said, “Wisdom is the principal thing but in all thy getting get understanding”. (Proverbs 4:7). Meaning, wisdom or knowledge is very important but understanding is more important than the wisdom. Off course without the understanding the wisdom and knowledge acquired is useless.

In fact this is the state of all humans on our planet who are connected to any of the religious bodies or organizations such as Christianity the biggest followed by Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, African traditional belief, scientology, Confucianism and  Bahai etc.




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