Jesus made a very simple but dangerous statement that “if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” Matthew 15:14. The biggest interest and need of all humans is what will happen after death, therefore many people came, claiming they have answers to that, but do they really do?

Of course they don’t with all due respect, we respect everybody’s view and their right to choose what is pleasing to them, but the question is, what is the evidence that they who claim to, do not have the solution? The evidence lies in one point and that point is the biggest that man has no power over and that is death.

If you have the solution or power over death then you must prove it and the only person who succeeded in doing that is Jesus because that is the need of man, to overpower death but since other people who claim to have the solution could not prove it, then we cannot risk trusting them. After the evidence of death, Jesus also gave power to control other circumstances around us such as the elements of the earth, sickness, poverty, governance, economy, terrorism, and the rest.

But the big question arises, why are we not able to do this, especially after 2000 and over years? The answer is simple, we don’t understand the mission of Jesus on earth, and even religious Christianity does not, not to talk of other religions. If we will understand the mission of Jesus then we must know the concept of the Kingdom of God, which we don’t surprisingly. What Jesus came and preached is not and is never what is being preached, rather what He did not preach is what is being busily preached so we need to be very very careful.

One may ask, what did He preach? The answer is He preached nothing but the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. He never preached prosperity, He never preached miracles, but just the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, (Matthew 4:17). The Kingdom He preached is the most important, that is why He tried every way to illustrate via parables, but unfortunately the enemy has pushed us off course to busily go preaching the means to the ultimate, instead of the ultimate that is why religious Christianity is not making impact.

For Jesus to say, when the Gospel of the Kingdom is preached men shall press their way into it, (Luke 16:16), but we do not see men pressing their way into it, what we are preaching then? We are preaching the wrong message, so let us get back to course so that we can preach the right thing.



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