News is information that is gotten from media organizations. Humans need information and look for information and the only source of this information is what the media presents as news but for over 6000 years of the world, information that has been coming as news has over 90% been bad. The news of today, has been more destructive damaging, criminal and fraudulent and the question we should ask ourselves is why is it that more of the news is bad and very negligible is somehow good, the answer is the type of world we have.

Be informed that the word world is from the root word Kosmos, in Greek, meaning system, influence and governing power, whose system is this ? , Whose influence is this ?, and Whose government power is this ? The answer is the devil. This is when he succeeded in changing the system and influencing the first humans created and has now taken total governmental control of the world. That is why the divine manual of the scriptures says that the god of this world has blinded the minds of God’s children. 2 Cor. 4:4.

But, fortunately for us in this world, God sent His son and it was God sending us good news. But the most unfortunate thing has been that the people of our ancestry failed to understand the coming of Christ in this world and for over 2000 years we have failed to change the system of the news, influence of the news and the governing power of the news simply because of religious misconception.

Therefore we invite all meaning humans to join us, Restore, together to setup a new system of news, new influence in the news world and a governing power of the news world. That is why we of Restore have availed ourselves, to take up this responsibility to make the world a better place and a better news source




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