Restore Concept Organisation’s formation is as a result of the word of God in the scriptures expressing God’s disappointment of the capacity of His children as compared to that of the children of His enemy. In the second part of God’s statement as stated in the Gospel of St. Luke 16:8, God in His truthfulness stated, “the children of this world’s generation are wiser than the children of light”. The person of God and His nature as God of justice, God of truth and

the God of righteousness does make Him the person that can make such a statement even though it is against Him.  Earlier on in the Old Testatment era, He had already revelead it to His servant David that His enemy, the devil’s children, search for iniquity, they accomplish a diligent search, they are diligent in their search mission, their hearts and their inward thoughts are deep (Psalm 64:6).

 All these accounts recorded will definitely have a negative feeling effect on God but because He is just and truthful He had to say it. These are the challenging reasons that prompted the establishment and the formation of Restore Concept Organisation, for we were seriously challenged by these records so that we can take responsibilty, that is to gather information to build up God’s children’s capacity.

In fact, looking at the current world as well as the past, it is actually true that the children of this world are really advanced than the children of light. God made the statement for our benefit, after all it is only when one knows his or her disease that you can look for treatment. We therefore, invite all children of God who are interested in the truth, to come and join the purpose of the creation of Restore Concept Organisation so that together we can transform this world to our benefit.


Restore Concept Organisation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) researching both the spiritual and the physical aspects of man. Our aim is to find out the reason and the motivation for God to create the world and inhabit it with man.

Since man is made of both physical and the spiritual, the interest of Restore Concept Organisation extends over the spiritual and physical needs of man. The spiritual which is not seen must be understood to obtain full potential of its capacity as ordained by the creator.

 The physical which we see must be cared for with reason. The health of the body which forms the container of the soul of man, and the very aspect of man that makes it possible to inhabit the earth, is very crucial for the success and fulfilment of the purpose of creation, however we find the Pharmaceutical industry, like any other industry, is set up for profit for its shareholders and thus sometimes indulges in unhealthy acts detrimental to human health, Restore Concept Organisation researches into the health needs of man and makes recommendation for healthy living.